thewholebuffalo® is a team of experienced freelance filmmakers and artists working together to deliver a full production service, from script to screen. Collectively we’ve also worked on the visual effects for blockbusters including The Dark Knight, Gravity, Avatar and many others.

Promos, Short Films, VFX & Animation, Title Sequences, Script Development, Pre-Vis & Storyboards, Photography, Corporate, Music & Sound Design …thewholebuffalo®

Our further contacts in the industry form a vast network of potential which can be tapped whenever needed. Individually we focus on our strengths, but together we represent thewholebuffalo®

Check out the featured projects below, like/stalk us on Facebook, or browse our full portfolio. Or not… these are simply suggestions, not orders.

The Kill Room

A full CGI promo for the latest in acclaimed author Jeffery Deaver's (Carte Blanche, The Bone Collector) Lincoln Rhyme series. Remember, guns don't kill people, authors do.

A Taste Of Casual Violence

The first phase in the creative collaboration between The Whole Buffalo and Casual Violence.

"Whatever you’re doing right now, stop it... Go and Google Casual Violence, watch their sketches and enjoy. This comedy troupe are dark, twisted and superb." - The Skinny.

The Blood Crows

A VFX-filled book trailer & Making Of. Testosterone and pixels cranked up to 11... It's basically 300 Via Game Of Thrones.


A book trailer produced for US TV. Want to see a sexy latex-clad frozen corpse stuck to a brick wall? ...Sure you do. "Ice, ice lady!". Features Making Of footage too.

Live At The Electric

We created the opening titles for BBC3's hit comedy series Live At The Electric.

Quicksilver: Coin

The high-speed journey of a coin passing through the neon-tinged digital slot chambers at the heart of Quicksilver's online casino world.